Kodak Authorized Reseller

The document management services provided by First Class Services, LLC help you tame the Records Management beast that develops over time. First Class Services, LLC provides a full array of document management services including:

  • Document Conversion - we scan paper and create electronic files. Space saving by converting paper to digital is phenomenal. Documents are scanned and electronic files in TIFF, PDF, JPG or other formats are provided along with optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) with searchable PDF file output. Roughly 10,000 pages or 1 or 2 four-drawer file cabinets will fit on one CD! Document Conversion provides Space Saving, Electronic Back-up, Improved Document Research & Handling and Disaster Recovery.
  • Including Large Format Scanning up to 42 inches wide! (Well Logs, Engineering, Maps and Cad Drawings)
  • Historical Book Scanning with no distortion of pages. No need to unbind books to get flat, distortion-free images.
  • Kodak Scanners and Software - First Class Services, LLC offers a full line of document scanners for every office need. From single user office scanners like the ScanMate 1120 and i1200 to departmental scanners like the i1300 and i1400 series to the centralized high-volume scanners like the i600, i700 and the i1800 series scanners Kodak provides the right scanner to fit your need. First Class Services, LLC can provide the software to run nearly any scanner you have with the new Kodak Capture Pro version 2.0, a robust scanning capture software (now available for non-Kodak equipment also).
  • Hosted Online Storage and Retrieval of ALL your documents (scanned paper, PC files, faxes, pictures, multimedia, etc.) using a powerful secure online repository allowing simultaneous, multi-user, multi-site access, automatic backup, security and data-mining. All without the costly upfront initial expense of equipment, software and IT resources.
  • Server-Based Solution available also--You store the images on your server.
  • Electronic Forms are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. The universal acceptance and distribution of Adobe Reader® offers businesses an invaluable tool in capturing and handling data via the PDF document. First Class Services, LLC provides our clients with a full array of document management services utilizing the PDF form-enabling functionalities, data-capturing tools and user-friendly features.
  • Data Entry - Let First Class Services, LLC supplement your data entry program. All services remain in the United States and are cost-effective.
  • Litigation Support - We can assist in your litigation needs, scanning documents, converting files, OCR and electronic case filing.

Paper to Digital Conversion has finally become a cost-effective solution for space savings, data retrieval and managing your documents.

Whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly scanning of files -or- a large back-file conversion First Class Services, LLC can be an extension of your back-office document-imaging department.