Kodak Authorized Reseller
Electronic Documents

Electronic documents (pdf, tiff, jpeg, etc.) are paper documents that have been scanned and saved onto a PC in one of many formats.

The advantages of electronic documents are:

  1. There is no degradation of the document by handling of paper, you will always have the "original"
  2. Multiple users can view the document at the same time without making copies
  3. Expensive office space is recovered
  4. Reduced manpower not having to "move" the document in and out of the physical storage shelf and to and from the records storage department
  5. Backups are automatically created if Online Repository used. Additional CD's can be made and kept off-site for disaster recovery
Searchable CD's

Convert your space consuming file cabinets into space saving Searchable CD's.

Searchable CD's are great for storing old records that still need to be retrieved and have multiple index fields. A search engine is built right onto the CD!

Cost is minimal and substantially less than server-based or online storage systems. Additional copies can be made at your own office. Ask us for more information about Searchable CD's.

We convert paper to electronic images in TIFF, PDF, JPEG with output to CD-Rom or electronic data transfer.

Space saving by converting paper to digital is phenomenal. Documents are scanned and electronic files in TIFF, PDF or other formats are provided along with optional OCR text data. Roughly, 10,000 pages or 1 or 2 four-drawer file cabinets will fit onto one CD! Paper to Digital conversion has finally become a cost-effective solution for space savings and data retrieval.

Additional services provided include: Data Entry, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) embedded PDF or extracted text files, Bates Numbering, Image Annotation, Printing, On-Line Storage and Retrieval and Document Destruction.

Some of our Recent Projects include:

  • Government Agency -- Large Back-file Conversion for internal Imaging System
  • Federal Government Contractor -- Electronic Forms Conversion including OCR
  • Law Firm -- Proceedings and Rulings scanning with Bates Stamping
  • Hospital -- Procedure Manuals conversion to Digital for online viewing
  • Oil & Gas -- Manuals converted to Digital PDF with OCR for fast data retrieval
  • College & University -- Back-file conversion of student records
  • Corporate (Human Resources/Records) -- Personnel Records scanned and indexed for importing into corporate CRM database
  • Corporate Split -- Converting of large retiree paper data-files to digital format for divestiture
  • Financial -- SEC Legal filings
  • Club or Organizations -- Color scanning of archival books and records
  • Personal Records -- Family Probate and Real Estate records
  • Medical Records -- Back-file and going-forward scanning of patient records into electronic record files