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KODAK Family of Scanners available at First Class Services, LLC:

KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner Your compact companion for clearing paper clutter The sub-$500 KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner allows virtually any business or individual to quickly scan, send and share documents directly from the desktop with the touch of a button via the Smart Touch feature. Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology helps users to produce digital images with quality often better than the original. Best in class speed and paper handling allows the i1120 to digitize a wide range of documents from legal briefs to business cards at up to 20 pages per minute.

KODAK i1200 Series Scanners A desktop partner for getting documents organized digitally KODAK i1200 Series Scanners combines high performance capture technology with practical document applications to deliver a small, yet powerful desktop scanner that helps businesses eliminate paper based processes. The tilt-and-scan feature allows scanner configuration for high volume batch scanning or ad hoc transactional scanning. With Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology and image processing rated at 30 pages per minute, users can easily and quickly create high quality digital images. These images can immediately be sent to recipients and online file locations with single click Smart Touch technology.

KODAK i1300 Series Scanners Helping businesses achieve efficient document processes through flexibility and functionality The KODAK i1300 Series Scanners outfit businesses with a robust desktop scanner capable of scanning up to 60 pages per minute. From small business cards to paperwork up to 34 inches long, scanned documents receive immediate visual enhancements via Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology. Coupled with the Smart Touch feature, the i1300 Series Scanners enable nearly automated document processing capabilities for any business. Kodak's tilt-and-scan features also allow the scanner to be configured for either high volume batch scanning or ad hoc transactional scanning.

i1400 Kodak Series Scanner

KODAK i1400 Series Scanners An aggressive desktop scanner that breaks the barrier between price and performance The KODAK i1400 Series Scanners make it affordable for virtually any business to gain control over highly document dependent processes. Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology paired with scanning speeds at up to 75 pages per minute helps businesses improve their overall efficiency, speed and accuracy for capturing and sharing information. Kodak's Smart Touch feature helps to improve how end users can organize and share their documents with single click ease of use. From card stock to onionskin, an irregular shape document to a standard business form, the i1400 Series Scanners produce high quality digital images that can be immediately used across a digital workflow to improve user productivity.

KODAK i780 Scanner A combination of unparalleled precision and power to drive real world business results The KODAK i780 Scanner delivers a clear advantage for businesses to efficiently capture information from document based processes. Automated features include pre-sorting capabilities that eliminate manual steps or chance of error and Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology ensures that captured images are accurate and quality. The i780 Scanner also introduces new levels of speed and image quality for mid-volume production scanning, with available 300 dots per inch at speeds rated up to 130 pages per minute.

KODAK i1800 Series Scanners Helping businesses achieve continuous productivity from high volume document capture With its unlimited daily volume capabilities paired with image quality of 300 dots per inch and speeds of 200 pages per minute, the KODAK i1800 Series Scanners eliminates limitations of document processing, saving time and money for businesses. Ergonomic, user friendly design includes adjustable height along with an integrated LCD touch screen for quickly accessing its many image enhancing features, including Kodak's Perfect Page Imaging Technology, to ensure the highest image quality for accurate and efficient document management.

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